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Originally Posted by fightfan View Post
Wow, fantastic win for Klahn today over former top 10-er Melzer! This has been an incredible US Open so far for the NCAA!!

Novikov (UCLA) - 2nd round at least
Johnson (USC) - 2nd round at least, straight set win against Ram
Klahn (Stanford) - 2nd round at least, 5-set win vs. former top 10 Melzer
Burdette (Stanford) - 3rd round at least
Gibbs (Stanford) - lost in first round
Johnson/Sock - defeated #1 seed Mirnyi/Nestor in round 1

Am I missing something? Is there more?
Very impressive indeed! I thought Johnson had a good shot at winning his 1st round but I am impressed by the others. Burdette in the 3rd round? Wow! But the most impressive win for me is Brad against Melzer. I watched parts of the match and I was impressed by his will to come back in the match early on after losing the first set. I didn't think he would win it but he did with gusto and he has really impressed me, once more...!
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