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Originally Posted by db379 View Post
Klahn (Stanford) and Johnson (USC) win their 1st round match at the US Open!
Burdette (Stanford) is in the 3rd round in the women's draw. Great wins for all these recent grads!
Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Well, his 1st serve isn't huge huge. It is around 115 mph and he will get it to 123 mph if he really needs one big point. Do you know why his serve was so effective in 5th set ?

Answer is Klahn almost exclusive served out wide in ad court for the 1st 4 sets. but when 5th set came, he somehow was able to change it up. and could hit the middle consistantly with pace. and this really threw off Jurgen Meltzer.
yes, a big 1st serve and a big FH made the difference. When one thinks that most college players, including Klahn, have a poor BH and usually lack consistency, this is a really an impressive win against a former top 10 (just last year).
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