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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
one of the best austrian players in the 50īs and 60īs , long-term daviscupper beating players like Bobby Wilson or Mike Sangster.
died of a stroke two days ago.
maybe some of you have heard about him or even have some stories
to share
Thanks that you remind to Franz Saiko. I did not hear about his death in Austria itself.

Saiko won the Austrian Nationals eight times! As he was a pure amateur (his profession was druggist) he was limited in his playing schedule and he semi-retired rather early. But it was curious: His last Austrian Championships were in 1962 but he used to beat some following champions outside the Nationals year for year till he was about 40.

Saiko was a strict baseliner and some called his game a bit boring. He had some fine wins in Davis Cup and beat in tournament play excellent players like Hans Redl, Fredi Huber (the clown) and Laci legenstein. All these names are forgotten now...
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