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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I would not let my girl touch most Babolats. Too stiff. Wilson has a lot of better options for young girls.

As far as people saying no arm problems. You will not see those in many cases until the later teens when it is too late. Amazing almost no posters ever mention frame stiffness when this topic comes up but are experts on strings. Strings are down the list in regards to arm safety behind stiffness, head balance, proper warm up, technique, injury prevention work outs, and age appropriate work load.
Frame stiffness definitely plays a role and most parents and coaches (of a serious junior) know. My 2 kids never use stiff frames. Actually, I hate stiff frame for myself, an adult rec player.
GA tennis just asked about string setup here.
Parents should be careful on both racket and string setup to prevent any arm injury in a child. Do a thorough search or ask for advice from a reliable, knowledgeble coach or other sources.
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