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Originally Posted by cluckcluck View Post
He told me that it's a painted Donnay. The mold is his Dunlop.
At the Farmers Classic last year - not this summer but last - I watched Blake on the practice court and actually overheard a convo he was having with another player, I think it was Rajeev Ram, about his new frame. He said he'd been looking for another frame for years, but Donnay finally produced a frame that 'felt like my old one.' Said he actually went to some factory in Austria, they had several different frames to try out, and when hit with the one, he knew it was for him and said 'How many do you have?'; they said '13' or something like that and he said, "I want each one," and also placed an order for like 30 more.

So maybe it's a Dunlop mold, but it's not the exact Dunlop he'd been playing with for so long with simply new Donnay paint. At least as of that conversation last year.
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