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A true Pro Stock racket is different from the consumer version. It is either made specifically by the manufacturer for a pro player(s) and/or has been customized specifically for a pro player. It might have a custom layup, have a custom string pattern, custom flex, weight and balance, custom grip pallets, etc. They might be paint jobs having the graphics of a current model over an earlier racket that is no longer in production or over a limited production pro mold racket not available to the general public.

I have noticed the term Pro Stock is being abused on the auction site. Some sellers are saying any consumer racket that is supposedly used by player x is Pro Stock. Sort of a joke. I have seen legitimate Pro Stock rackets on the auction site though. As well, they show up here and on similar sites. People acquire them from a pro or their agent or their customizer.

Just be very careful who you buy from because an unscrupulous seller will call an ordinary consumer racket Pro Stock in order to jack the price way up.

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