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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
I never had my gait analyzed either. Just learned what I need by trial and error. During this period (which is long ago for me), I suffered the knee pain you speak of, until I "hit on" the right type of shoes (neutral).

As a road runner, I also get that pain if I run on the side of the road instead of the sidewalk. This is because the side of the road is sloped so the water will drain into the sewer. So maybe its just because you were doing a lot of running on uneven, sloped surfaces.
Understood. Well ... the uneven, sloped surfaces are unavoidable when running on that sort of stuff . It's kind of the point of it I guess.
I don't even know what category these shoes I linked (and bought) go into...but "stability" doesn't sound like it...I suppose those are more "bulky". These things are extremely minimal, light and don't seem to have any "stability features"...well not the way tennis shoes have anyway...I guess I don't have enough experience when it comes to running shoes to see the differences.
I've read a bit about that "barefoot running movement" and frankly I'm tempted to try some of those shoes to see how I do in them.
The logic behind their ideas seems to make sense at first sight. Maybe I'll get some of those Vibram shoes with fingers or some competing product if I find something "better" .


Hmmmm...these look nice : . And they don't make you look like a freak (the way those shoes with fingers do :P)
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