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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
that case I think your forehand is much better than mine (and that of the people I play with)! I find it very hard to consistently make that DTL shot against a decent server on a serve swinging wide. If I were playing you, I would test you a few times on that shot - it you prove you can make it often enough, then I stop doing it, but not until then.
I just don't see how this is possible. Its going down the line so I can be late on the ball. I have a 12 foot window to hit into. If you even give me the alley on that side then I am going to take it. If you give me 1/3 of the court then I just don't see where its going to go wrong. I mean if I was telling you that I could easily get there in time to rip it sharply crosscourt I would understand your skepticism but in this situation its leaving one side completely vacated.
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