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Originally Posted by spot View Post
I just don't see how this is possible. Its going down the line so I can be late on the ball. I have a 12 foot window to hit into. If you even give me the alley on that side then I am going to take it. If you give me 1/3 of the court then I just don't see where its going to go wrong. I mean if I was telling you that I could easily get there in time to rip it sharply crosscourt I would understand your skepticism but in this situation its leaving one side completely vacated.
Well I don't think it's 12 feet... my original diagram was not very good so I'm stealing yours... Maybe this is more realistic:

Maybe a 6 ft target right at the baseline, and more narrow assuming you don't hit the baseline, e.g. 3 ft at the service line. The wedge of target you have available to you is I think hard to hit, assuming a decent serve.

Not saying you personally can't do it, just saying that in my group, this is a difficult low-percentage shot.
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