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Default Rotator Cuff Problem

Hi guys,

About a month ago I noticed some soreness around my shoulder, it was'nt very bad so I still played but only lightly and last week I felt no pain or soreness anymore and thought I was over it.

I would play but conservatively because I needed to practice for in club tournement...

A few days ago I felt a sudden pain (looking at anatomy diagrams the pain seems to be the teres minor and major tendon region) whilst reaching for a high ball. It felt like muscles tendons rubbing over each other with a lot of force. straight afterwards the pain was so bad I could not move my arm. It felt like my arm was broke at the shoulder when I tried to raise it. I massaged it straight away and the pain went away enough for me to drive home. I felt a light pain/soreness around the area for a few days since.

I have not noticed a notable loss of strength but doing certain things on youtube to test teres major/minor regions give me a bit of pain.

I have made a doctors appointment but that is not for a few days.

I am concerned it may be a tear. Just wondering if anyone knows a test or way to differentiate between rotator cuff tendonitis or a tear.

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