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My first machine was a Flex 940. First tip: go for the assist clamp bases, not the cone lock ones. He charges, and I kid you not TWO HUNDRED dollars just for the clamp upgrade if you start with the 940, when the same machine with just the different bases is I believe 30 more. The machine is also built with lower build quality than something from Gamma or Alpha which you would expect. I don't, however, regret buying the machine. It was always calibrated properly and as far as I know, is still stringing racquets at another university (I gave it to my sister when I got my Aria, who gave it to one of our tennis friends when I got her a Gamma 5003 6-pt). It will serve you well for as long as you are willing to put up with it. It also will let you appreciate the higher build quality of more expensive machines from Alpha, Prince and Gamma (let alone Babolat, Technifibre and Wilson).
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