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Originally Posted by tennis_ocd View Post
Spot's diagrams show a shot going directly over the strap but not to the t (shows a serve to the body - which might in itself be a good idea to cheat to the alley if a body serve's your goal.) If you stand wide and hit the T you've got perhaps an additional 2" of net to clear.
OK, I will give you 2". If I serve from the doubles alley to the T, the net is 2" higher than if I served from the center hash.

In exchange for that 2", I get some things in return. I get the ability to go T, body or wide, coupled with the fact that I am not telegraphing my serve intention so openly. I also get a net person who is a foot or so closer to being able to poach because she doesn't have to shade toward the alley.

Again, these things are often level-dependent. I play with 4.0/3.5 women, and I get tired of women who alley camp. If my partner starts the point shaded toward the alley, chances are high she won't poach.

One thing I have noticed in mixed, however, is that the serve and return come very quickly. I don't have time for crouching (at my advanced age) and I don't have time to slide toward the middle after the serve is struck. I really feel I only have time to recognize where my partner hit the serve and take that one step/split.

That's asking a lot of me in exchange for 2" of net height.
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