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Originally Posted by TENNIS4FUN2 View Post
There is a huge difference in a 5.5 team and a 6.5 team. Why would they even suggest moving the whole team. You don't usually have 3.5's on a 5.5 team, yet you need them on a 6.5 team. This is just a silly suggestion by the LC. If they started as 2.5 and have improved to 3.0, they would still belong on a 5.5 team because they usually wouldn't be a strong enough 3.0 to play 6.5 anyway.

When I have moved my combo teams up a level, I have not invited everyone. Some folks weren't ready, and I needed roster spots for higher-rated players.

Moving the whole team will result in people playing up who are not ready and cannot compete at the higher level. How does that benefit anyone?
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