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Originally Posted by spot View Post
OK- here are the diagrams with 14 feet instead of 10 feet.

I'd still greatly prefer my net player take away the down the line return when I serve wide. (though my wide serving is almost always to the Ad side) Particularly if someone is getting to the ball late that is just ceding too much ground to them in my opinion. I think consistenly people underestimate how far over they should be sliding when the ball is out side. And when a team is two up I also think that the crosscourt player often doesn't slide nearly enough towards the middle but thats a different discussion.
Yes I think these diagrams are pretty accurate. In the first one though, the server can slide a bit more to his right to cover even more of the sharp CC return. And notice how much court coverage the net player has in diagram 1 - he is in position to end many points there and then. It absolutely presents significantly more of a DTL target than diagram 2. But diagram 2 leaves the net person unable to take advantage of as many shots directed towards the middle of the courts, which are going to be more common (against good serves). Diagram 1 represents the percentage play that IMO will win you more points, until and unless the returner proves that he can take advantage of the DTL opportunity. Maybe it comes down to the individual skillsets of the people involved, and your experiences are different to mine.
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