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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
I have been string for over 30 years, started on a Ektelon, cost about $950 in 1979, sold it in 1993 for $400, bought a Neos/Ektelon 1000 same year for just over $1000. Still using 1000 with no problems ever.

Find a used ektelon (usually around $500) or invest $500 more for a new Neos 1000.
What he said. I paid $500.00 for a used Neos and it never let me down. Only reason I got a newer model is because she was looking rough. I called her the Millennium Falcon. She may not have looked like much but she had it where it counted. The machine would have lasted decades. I also had an Eagnas Combo 810 and while it gave me little in the way of trouble it was in no way the same quality as either of my three Neos machines.
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