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Originally Posted by Benhur View Post
A "jury of one's peers" is a basic right of defendants, where a peer means an equal.

Their comments are relevant because those 3 riders (Merckx, Hinault, Indurain) are in a sense his only equals alive. It's the truest "jury of his peers" you can find today.

The low peons among cyclists who are ready to accuse him and throw him under the bus are commensurately less trustworthy, because much more susceptible to the corroding effects of envy, spite, resentment, greed, coercive submission and other abject passions.
But if they introduce false testimony, they open themselves up to charges of perjury, defamation and libel. And as "low peons," they would not be very well situated financially to fight such legal battles. But they are speaking up nonetheless.

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