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In other news, the French Cycling Federation (FFC) is proposing that if USADA's decision is upheld, the Tour titles be vacated (not given to anyone) in order to avoid controversy due to the doping histories of the potential recipients. If the titles are transferred, the winners would be: Zülle (1999), Ullrich (2000, 2001 and 2003), Beloki (2002), Klöden (2004) and Basso (2005). All five of them have been involved in doping cases.

So, as someone put it in a comment elsewhere, if Armstrong wasn't doping, he beat a bunch of dopers. And if he was doping, he STILL beat a bunch of dopers. No matter how you cut it, he won those Tours because he was the best rider.

We may also wonder, if Armstong's title's are vacated, why shouldn't the second-place spots of those riders be vacated as well?

If these organizations were really serious in "cleaning up" and consistent in their methods, they would have to vacate most podium spots for the last few decades.

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