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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
Tell me if these ideas on ending sandbagging are way off-base and why.

#1- ALL players must be listed on roster within the first 2 weeks of the regular season. If a player is not on the roster within the first two weeks of the season, then they are not eligible for any level of playoffs. (No late season additions when the captain sees the team has a chance at playoffs... I dunno, is this already a rule?)

#2- Any team that makes the playoffs AND wins, even at the first level of playoffs, all team members that played on the winning playoff team get automatic bump ups at end of season. (To make the playoffs and win indicates the team and players are better than most in their area and should be bumped.)
#1 is not a rule. People join late all the time. One of the neighboring districts comes to our district after playoffs are set and they recruit all the best players off teams that didn't make playoffs. They play their 2 required matches and then help them win districts and compete in sectionals.

#2 I like this one. But I would not make it first round of playoffs, but would make it if they advance past first round or maybe set it at sectionals. It is kind of a joke when teams that go to Nationals and finish top 5 only have 3-4 guys bumped.
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