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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
I doubt that we will see any well controlled scientific studies on an impact of stiff rackets linking to arm issues. Who is going to fund those research projects? Definitely not any racket manufacturers. Lucky if sport medicine docs would look into it. The most consumers are going to hear about is several case reports.
I know of at least 5 girls 13-14 years old stopped playing several months because of an arm issue. Could be many factors, overtraining, technique, rackets, strings, etc. The one I know used to use Kevlar and other poly, strung tight on a Bobolat racket even when she was 10-11 yr old. Crazy isn't it! Her old coach recommended that. Parents had no clues. Won a lot but sustained a wrist injury. Lesson learned for her parents and now they are a lot more careful.
I remember in college i use to use Kevlar as the main and synthetic as the crosses. I would string it at 70lbs. I also had arm issues in college and im not sure if it was the string,tension,or over training that caused the problem. I know the way my daughter hits the ball that a full synthetic string job would break in two days.
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