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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
#1 is just not right. Teams just should not be allowed to add players after some pre-determined point of the regular season. And recruiting from other teams that didn't advance??? Just not right.

#2- At some point in the playoffs, if you win, you are bumped up. Period. Its a pyramid. The further you advance isn't it exponential (or cubic?) the number of players under that playoff level? That means you are the cream of the crop... part of a small group of the best players of that rating... which means you should be playing up. Doesn't it? Even if you aren't sandbagging, your results should indicate you need to be playing up.
I could live with #1 if they enforced #2. The problem is that teams have figured out how to get their players down to the their prior levels once they have been bumped often in just 6 months to a year. They will spend a season playing mixed and play a some regular matches at their new level and lose them. ESRs come out 6 months later and they are at their lower level again. Then they spend the fall season managing their rating so they get the end of year C rating at their lower level. If they want high level competition they enter age group and open tournaments which don't affect their ratings or play in alternative leagues (I know quite a few USTA 4.0 players playing in a legit 4.5-5.0+ alternative league which is invitation only).
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