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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
I still don't know why Meireles is going, yeah he's not amazing but he's a decent utility man in the midfield and can play in two positions we're lacking in; central midfield and holding midfield. He can pass, shoot, dribble, whatever. Giving him up unless it's for a player and cash would be a mistake unless we have a world class player lined up.

LOL Arsenal want Essien? Schurrle is good, still young too!
We've been pretty quiet apart from sending out a few on loan, that and according to Twitter, Man Utd rejected a £38 Million bid for Howard Webb

Meireles doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Schurrle was all over every paper last night, everyone had the story at the same time so I thought it was pretty much a done thing. Today though and nothing has been mentioned, weird! Remy is the one that has been, £16 Million I think it was.

Javi Garcia for £16 Million is a good buy I think. Talks for Moutinho with Spurs broke down, but looks like they will get Lloris.
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