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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Laver used to complain about a particular Rosewall backhand shot, he called "the skidder."

Laver said he hated this shot because the ball did not come up. It would stay very low and and skid--not bounce. He said that if he could get to it and hit it all, he had to "hit it off my shoelaces".

With my regular hitting partner hitting lots of deep, topspins to my backhand, I am forced to slice the ball back. (And I have gotten pretty good at it, I will admit.) But my slices seem to sit up, and don't have any of that fabled Rosewall skid quality.

Does anyone know how I can learn to hit a "Rosewall skidder"?
Sorry I think it was patented by that Australian born in 1934.

Incidentally since I have a one handed backhand I pretend every slightly sliced backhand I hit is something Rosewall would have hit. Probably never succeeded in real life.

Hoodjem, in all seriousness I occasionally hit with a friend who played singles on her college team. She is a terrific player but she actually hit sort of a Rosewall skidder with her forehand. It's super hard to return until you have hit against it a few times and a super pain in the neck when she uses it as an approach shot. She has a terrific topspin forehand too but that basically flat slightly sliced skidding forehand is unbelievable. I don't know how she does it. It goes over the net by inches, sometimes inch fractions and she rarely misses on that shot.

Hoodjem, maybe you should try to flatten your backhand out a little. The extra penetration may make it skid.

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