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The reason is it wise to use tracking/delivery confirmation is that if something is lost (unlikely but it happens), or if someone says they did not receive an item, or, as in this case, flakes on rendering payment as agreed, the sender has some indication of what actually occurred and has recourse.

For instance, a buyer with no references says I never received the item, yet the delivery confirmation says it was delivered. If the buyer files a claim with Paypal, Paypal will side with the seller saying the tracking indicates the item was delivered. Without tracking, the sender is SOL. Shipping without delivery confirmation is just inviting these sorts of problems.

The split payment thing is buried in a long list of things that voids the seller (and buyer) protections that Paypal supposedly provides.

And while some kids may be honest, it seems many are not and almost all of the scams/problems here have been with high school or college aged kids. It seems to be a matter of maturity. Occasionally, an "adult" acts like a total jerk (johnnyfive comes to mind immediately) but I would guestimate that 90% of the sour deals here involved parties that were 22 and under.

Was not picking on the OP at all. But, when these things happen, it shows everyone else what can go wrong and how to minimize the risks inherent in transacting these little deals.

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