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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
If I can get one for cheap or in a trade ill do it and give a full report. I already know it will goat. It is a pro mold frame that is what blake and Hass use..etc. Not the same layup, but the feel of these dunlop frames is absolutely awesome. It is a fusion of Wilson solid meets Yonex Mute meets Head Plush kind of thing.

The 4D series absolutely slaughters any Bio or later frame. the 200 light was not good. I would never touch a Dunlop frame past the 4d series, but I played those frames for a very pleasurable year of my life. The first forehand winner you hit and the first backhand slice will change your life.

I could easily say it is better than any head prestige I have used besides the 600 mid and feel very confident in that assesment.
Atta boy. You say it has a SW of 307? Just looked at TW's stats and they average 318 or something.

Looks like we'll both have side stick projects going. As I alluded to awhile back, my current side project I was working on before I came to NY was revisiting but this time weighting up a Pro Staff 95 BLX, and it was actually going well. Was bombing serves and sticking box-beam volleys and touch shots.

I may get a chance to actually play here in NY on Sunday against a guy who is in my league but lives most of the year in NY. I'll have to grab a demo, if that's the case, because I didn't bring any sticks. Not sure what I should take out there, but will see if by some off chance one of the big tennis shops here, *******, has any old 300 demos (probably only the current model, though).
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