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Originally Posted by cmb View Post
Why turn down a WC to Kzoo? Oh lets see, to get to the semis he has to play 6 useless matches, probably at 8am because thats how it works at stupid USTA junior tournaments. 6 matches against toolbox juniors who qualied out of their lame sectional tournaments. You do realize that he is playing challengers now....even if he has to qualie for the open, its better then wasting a whole week there ******* around with highschool players. After 6 matches playing against superchamps, ur gonna lose some of ur level.

good choice by him, win some challengers and he will be in the MD soon enough
Just to pick this back up about the benefits of playing K'zoo and getting the US Open WC, Novikov seems to be benefitting nicely from his decision to play, just like Sock the yr before, and others before him.
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