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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
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Gads, I'd suggest RDCing a 300T if you ever get one. It was definitely lower than 317 and it makes a lot of sense because it is a low powered stick without lead. It honestly is like buying a pro stock with no lead or silicone, so you can make it into whatever you want.

Kind of silly how many new racquets come out and I forget about the best ones. I remember reading about your struggles to get the Prestige MP just right and the answer is quite possibly the 300t. Anyway, the price is right if you want a control frame that hits that nice driving topspin shot.
For me, I took a stock 300Tour and added 10 g's inside the handle (rubber bracelets) and 4 4" lead strips at 3/9 and it was perfection. Just thinking about that racquet makes me want to get one again. Sweet feeling and nice pocketing and since the power is low, it works great with full multi or multi/poly.
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