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Yeah jack I remember you loved that stick too. It's defintley a little tougher to use coming from the free power of the tweeners, but I was stringing full poly low in the 40s with it when I had it.

Gads, the short handle is not that's doable for me, but we are all different there. This is the same mold as the original tfiight 320.. Just the classic james blake dunlop. The instability is there if you don't lead it up. It is a pro stock racquet..basically meant to be leaded. What I love about these sticks is the sublime solid and rich feedback when you unload on a forehand. Very goaty..not super hard to use, but it's a control stick, no free power.

Hit for a while today with the 200.. I am really able to lay into the ball now with this string setup. Can't wait to try a full job of the bright yellow poly tour because I need a nice soft poly pockety string job. Played a club
Pro and my buddy in some 1 on 2s and was goating with this setup. It just suits my strokes. I can unload big shots when I see the chance, or just massage the ball around the court with sharp angles and relaxed swings. Most important I can hit my drop shots again too because I have pocketing.

By the way I found it crazy how little tomic tried tonight. That guy just stood around like a rec player half the match. I think his dad has broken him. It sucks to see. He looked like he quit and just wanted to get the hell out of there.
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