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Originally Posted by michael_1265 View Post
A word of warning about modifying anything in the Paypal user agreement.

I recently read an online account of an E-Bay vendor who sold a $900 item to a person who asked that he send the item to an alternate address than listed by Paypal (the customer supposedly wanted to send the item as a gift). The item was delivered, then the buyer disputed the charge, and the money was returned to her, based on the fact the package was not delivered to her, and that the alternate addressee would not verify that the package was delivered to her either. What a scam.

The moral of this story is that if you allow the script to be changed in a Paypal transaction, Paypal will not support you. I don't know if this applies to splitting the Paypal transaction, as happened here, but I suspect it would.
I had a guy trying to do this to me on ****. The Paypal he paid w/ had a different name. He wanted me to send to a different address and name. In the end, I refunded the money and said "NO WAY!" It was a hassle but I knew I'd lose if I'd shipped. It wasn't worth the hassle. Besides, it was international and that in itself is an extra hassle.

I don't understand the OP here saying that it is too costly to add tracking. It's less than $1!!!?? I'd gladly pay the extra $1 not to have to deal w/ the stress that he just went through EVER. I've had many transactions both on here and on **** and NEVER had problems because I follow the rules of common sense. If it's too good to be true, IT'S NOT TRUE!

I'd only consider a split payment w/ someone if they had awesome references from trusted people on here that I could contact and verify. Lucky for me, I have very good references and can dictate the terms of my sales and trades....You ship and then I'll ship back in the same box or vice versa if the other has great references too.

In a nutshell......

DON'T BE LAZY! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
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