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Hey fella's ,

Been awhile since I have posted in this thread but had a few racketaholic moments through the last month or two. I had pretty well fallen in love the Radical Pro when I last posted and was about to order a couple and call it a day until a buddy of mine let me hit with his IG Prestige Pro. It does everything the Radical Pro did but I found the firmer feel, solidity and plow when hitting against higher level players just too good to pass up. This racquet is also a servers dream offering effortless pace, spin and placement. Yes it is a step up in class (as far as the ability required to wield this frame) and I have had a few moments when completely gassed, where I am tempted to pick up the Radical or the Vcore 95D again but I am really trying to be strong this time and stick with just one stick for awhile just to see if this really could be my goat.

I have mainly using full poly (Discho Black Ion Rough) @ 52-55 lbs. I really like this string but I have found it seems to lose tension a little too quickly for my liking so I will be experimenting with some other set ups soon. Yonex Pro Poly Tour, and Tour bite are a must but was hoping for some other suggestions? Gut/Poly hybrid ?
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