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Originally Posted by Bman610 View Post
Any update on the 2
Now that you brought it up , I actually have an update. After 8 hours hitting, I can say 4S is probably going to be by official setup replacing Pro Line Evolution if price isn't an issue since PLE is way cheaper than Ltec strings. But I don't like stringing it as much as Pro Line Evolution or Ltec 0S as stiffer to weave similar to stringing Alu Power.

4S does feel a tad crisper than 0S and offers a bit more control but you really can't go wrong with either setup.

My favorite 3 selections listed below:

Go with VS mains and Pro Line Evolution if looking for more pop.
Go with VS mains and Ltec 4S for a crisper feel.
Go with VS mains and Ltec 0S if you looking something in between.
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