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I sold few items on shtbay. I have a buyer updated his alternate shipping address on Paypal with the same name. Assumed he must be a student at out of state college or work in another state. But as long the shipping address is provided by Paypal it's got to be real. Shipped item with delivery confirmation and was delivered within a week. This buyer's file a dispute with Paypal and shtbay for unauthorized purchased. Paypal contacted me a week before the 6th month. I checked the tracking no. online and item was delivered months ago. I forward the tracking no. to Paypal. After 6 months when item was delivered USPS don't keep any record online anymore. If they Paypal investigate right away when I provided them the tracking no. they will see proved of delivery. Two weeks later Paypal get back to me again and ask for delivery confirmation. When I try to make a copy the record already gone from USPS system. Mean I can't prove the item was delivered. I lost 155 plus shipping and delivery confirmation fee. From that incident happened onward, anything that I sold for more than $100 I will asked buyer to leave feedback or comment a few days items is delivered. When they respond that will proved he or she did received the package.
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