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Originally Posted by mistik View Post
Nadal has injury problems and not the same player since 08.
I begin to think more and more like CLARKY .I think there is no passion on his tennis and he isnt enjoying that much.
Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
Nadal is burnt out. I don't think he enjoys tennis anymore. More of a chore for him these days. And his bad knees certainly don't help.

I'd bet he's texting Roddick right now and asking for advice on how best to abruptly retire.
Good luck finding an event where RNadal threw more fist-pumps than the 2012 Australian Open. The semi vs Federer and final vs Djokovic alone produced more emotion from RNadal than I've ever seen from an entire event. He was more emotionally invested than ever before. I would also point to the Rosol match. Did RNadal look like a player who didn't care if he won or lost Wimbledon? That Rosol match is probably the most angry RNadal has ever looked on court. Not angry at tennis, angry at the prospect of being knocked out of Wimbledon. RNadal has shown more enthusiasm in 2012 than he ever showed in 2011. Actually, I seem to recall a relatively sedate persona in 2010, despite all the winning. 2012 is the most passionate RNadal ever. And Djokovic is the reason why.

^ RNadal after defeating Federer at the 2012 Australian Open semi-finals.

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