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Originally Posted by janm View Post
Thanks for the information Chas will look up the serve video when I'm able to get back to playing.

Went to the doctor today and he made me do some arm motions and felt around the shoulder ligaments. He says I have not got a major tear but is unable to give a confident diagnosis to rule out small tears.

He recommends I take break from tennis and other activitys that cause pain in the region for 3 weeks and if the pain persists to see him again.
From your description of the acute injury I would be concerned without a better diagnosis. Can you get a second opinion from an orthopedic specialist or well qualified sports medicine Dr? Unfortunately, many people with HMO type medical insurance seem to have more difficulty getting MRIs or seeing specialists.

Most rotator cuff injuries involve the RC muscles & tendons. I have read that tendon injuries take from 2-6 months to heal. Suggest that you research this point on your own.

I don't know much about the ligaments of the shoulder (don't visualize any ligaments as being part of the rotator cuff). [A ligament connects a bone to a bone.] Did the Dr use the term "ligaments"? Were there any other terms used that you can look up? From the examination, were any injuries identified as possibilities?

The Ellenbecker video is very useful for the shoulder anatomy and injury issues, the serving advice is only a small part of the video.
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