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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
It doesn't say "This string is very tension sensitive".

All it does is mention that it should be strung 8% lower (than nylon). But that approximate rule of thumb is the case with all polys because they're stiffer strings. It doesn't mean its super tension sensitive. All Wiesscannon are trying to do is be helpful to 'the man in the street' who won't know much about string materials, stiffness, adjusting tensions etc. They make the same suggestions with Mosquito Bite (8% lower), Explosiv! (7% higher) and probably the rest of their string range.

Courtesy of Suppawat (who is also a poster on here):

Confirm it all.....just got the string and it only says "string 8% less"

However, regarding the pro hurricane string it gives you a recommended tension

1.20 and 1.25 gauge at 48 lbs

1.30 and 1.35 gauge at 62 lbs which it seems to high but that's what's written
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