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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Interesting to hear this, Muzza. If I was being honest, IŽd also have to say I found the YTPP a step up in ability for me, though I always liked the way it swung, the solidness, etc, very much. IŽd guess IŽd fare better with the Rad Pro, but good to hear this anyhow re the IGPP.
Hey Ross,

I wish the weight was lightly less so that it could be more customizable. I feel at 12.4 ounces with an overgrip is getting near the top off my spec range but this stick does seem to defy the specs slightly as it comes through the air very quickly and is just so buttery smooth on groundies. The racquet does not get pushed around at all. The only stroke I have had a little struggle with is the 2hbh, where if i get lazy and don't accelerate through the contact zone results are less than spectacular. This of course is not a bad thing as it forces me to prepare early. Not to sound like John at Stringers World but "I know I will only get out what I put in"
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