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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
it's gonna take a hell of an effort to knock out a lineup like the following next year if people stay healthy and the freshmen make the college transition fairly well (yes, if, if, i know, but that's all you can say at this point in the year) - can't imagine falling before the NCAA semis, and should have as goood a title shot as anyone

1 cunha
2-4 redlicki/mengel/semenzato
5-6 saba/tahir/hemmeler

i expect none of those final 3 are too comfortable with being knocked out of the singles lineup after starting last year, so hopefully they're all putting in the work to get to the next level this summer

1 dubs - cunha/semenzato (the brazilians)
2 dubs - saba/mengel (the juniors)
3 dubs - some combo of redlicki/tahir/hemmeler/hammond

go duke! gonna be a rough year on both men's and women's sides for those who don't have some love for the blue devils!
I think Duke will have a national title shot as well. The scary thing is Saba at 5 considering he went 10-1 in the SCC at 4 last year. Tahir has been putting together great results, would be a near lock at 6. Could beat Virginia as well especially if Frank isn't 100% and not quite as good as last year. If that's the case than Duke is the ACC favorite.
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