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Originally Posted by Murray_fan1 View Post
Interesting. Since you like to customize your sticks anyway, seems like a good choice. I assume you have yet to hit with an Angell stick (via demo) yet but are they essentially the same as Vantage? Classic graphite lay up?
Originally Posted by JGads View Post
What about just going .25 longer? That's what I would do.

What's the story on the 89?
They are the same as the custom Vantage, I played the 95" for a couple of years and then the bc20 for another year and a half after that. I lengthened the bc20 a cm after trialling some longer sticks and really clicked, Id probably say the bc20 with tour bite was my happiest time from the baseline but that set up was not the best at the net and in the end moved on after losing a semi to the no1 seed at the club after missing two easy volleys! The custom is much better imo in this department.

The good thing about the interchangeable pallets is you can cut them to size to modify the length.

Ive been searching for something to equal them and the volkl dnx10 mid has been the best, the yonex 89t is just as good if you are happy with the round grip. Ive lost some confidence on my 1hbh and I think its a lot to do with the grip, a head shape grip means my fingers lay flat on the underside and I feel more stable. Otherwise the 89t is up there with the best.

As for the lay up, high modulus graphite, yes, but Paul says there's more of it in the lay up and the foam filled feel is to my liking. The D shape construction feels very stable and very manouverable at the same time.

The only thing missing from the new cosmetic is a high gloss, sexy finish, this appeals to me but it looks like Im going back to black, which is the opposite of the all white VT's I had a while back.
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