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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
OMG... for the second week running AVB has gone all ultra defensive defending a one goal lead against a team we should be bossing and got us pegged back... as the forums reveal all too clearly, they are really loving this over at the Bridge... so, just a few weeks in and the pressure is already massively piled on to AVBīs shoulders... poor results... poor transfer window IMO... and the top sides still to play... Iīm not going to lie to you lads, Iīm feeling nervous.

On a wider note, Iīll say again one of the things Iīm most looking forward to this season though is seeing how Lambert, Rodgers and Laudrup - as well as AVB - fare with their sides this season. All have some excellent, attractive credentials, and I certainly paid each one serious consideration when thinking who I wanted to replace Redknapp at Spurs. It will be fascinating to watch.
Agreed, the teams in Premier League this year are all very strong. West Brom are doing very well, as are Swansea. Southampton have showed they won't be easy either. QPR have alot of good players and will do well I think. Everton who usually have a rubbish start have got off toa decent one this time too.

As for AVB, I didn't see todays game. You say he went defensive? That's interesting! At Chelsea he loved the high line and our defense was pretty poor. Interesting to see him going for a different approach at Spurs. You'd of thought with the strong midfield, wingers and attackers he would of looked to focus on that so it's a strange one, your defense isn't your strength imo.
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