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If I understood the USPS thing correctly, they archive/store del conf info for six months and it is available (the normal way) within 45 days of mailing. After 45 days, you have to request that it be restored online. And after six months, it sounds like they don't have records anymore (which is stupid, but given who runs USPS, no surprise there. )

PP will almost never take the loss. They almost always dump the loss on the buyer or seller. Sometimes, even if you follow all their stupid rules, PP will still screw you anyway. However, if you don't follow their rules and something goes awry, you are SOL. Therefore, follow their rules to the letter if you want buyer/seller protection to attach to a transaction.

When I first started using Paypal, around 1998?, one could block cc payments and only allow payments from bank accounts and PP balances. Effectively, that option shielded a seller from the threat of cc chargebacks. At some point, PP and fleabay removed those options. Then fleabay bought PP so they really suck now. They seem to hate sellers even though sellers pay all the fees. Unfortunately, they both have effective monopolies so the level of (dis)service is as expected.

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