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Originally Posted by PureAlph4 View Post
I wouldn't worry too much.

There are no exceptional teams / squads in the 4th - 8th place mini-league, and I don't think any team is consistent enough to build up a lead. A relatively strong start isn't critical as every one of those teams will have at least a couple of bad spells of 5 or so games.

Really need at least a point at Anfield tomorrow to get our points tally moving, or at least a goal! Liverpool were effective last week against City (notwithstanding the masochism - a trait both clubs share) and Arsenal have been strong in possession (but with no cutting edge), so it will be interesting to see how the game turns out.

For me this is the first hurdle at which the effect of the sale of Song can be judged. It is all well and good playing 'weaker' teams at home with no genuine shield for your defence, but away against a 'stronger' team is where you need at least one. Arteta seems to have been sitting deepest of the MFs, and against Stoke there were plenty of occasions where he was scampering back to try and disrupt the opposition counter, but that is not his game. Wenger clearly believes in Coquelin, but we'll see tomorrow whether he actually has him earmarked for that role, or whether he plans to proceed with the (suicidal in my view) option of not playing a genuine DM against the best opponents. The next few fixtures will tell: Liverpool (A), Southampton (H), City (A), Chelsea (H). If we don't start scoring we could very easily be on 3 points after 6 games (a bit like last year)!
I think that Chelsea game coming up could be amazing. On paper you should do very well, you have the kind of passing in midfield we can't compete with. Hazard, Mata and Torres will fancy themselves against the Arsenal defence though. Could be another high scoring game like last year, although there is no van Persie to punish us this time
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