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Iron Man, Laver and Gonzalez did not have the lack of competition. Even if I concede that there are now more good players around, I still claim that the top did not increase towards now. Gonzalez and Laver had many alltime greats as opponents, many more than the current players have. Other posters and I have listed them several times already so I don't bother to give such long lists again.

And as for your strange claim that the older players played as though they would training, I give you an example: The 1971 Wimbledon QF match Rosewall/Richey, by the way one of the best matches ever played at Wimbledon, was a spellbound thrilling match of five sets and 64 games. 36 years old Rosewall had lost the first two sets before he won three tough sets. After the match Cliff Richey said to Muscles:" Well done, IRON MAN!"...
Gonzales era has the strongest top 6 ever: Hoad,Sedgman,Rosewall,Kramer,Trabert ( and Laver, later) and himself.Not possible to compare with current times...
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