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Originally Posted by Calor1 View Post
Is it normal that the tension right after stringing babolat pro hurricane tour 15L in a racket at 59.5 lbs is only 56.6 lbs. (Using racquettune app)
If every time you string the same racquet with the same string at the same tension, you get the same reading from racquetTune, then yes, it's normal.

Whilst racquetTune is designed to give a reading close to the reference tension on the machine, it really doesn't matter whether it does or not. What does matter is that the results are consistent, which will indicate that you're producing a consistent string job.

However, if the numbers are important to you, then one question I will ask: are you measuring the string factor, or using one of the generic pre-sets? That can make quite a difference in the reading you achieve.
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