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Thanks for the info FF. We are all lucky to have someone point these things out. Stupid to "throw" money away from not being safe and at least semi-smart. I almost did the same thing just the other day. Send Paypal invoice for payment, payment made but buyer wanted shipment to alternate address. Even the names were different. Just about to prepare the item for shipment and while writing up the USPS delivery confirmation slip, I just put it down. I then emailed the buyer. He said the usual "no problem , blah, blah- its just an alternate address thing - no problem promised". "Promised" was the key word for me. I refunded the payment and emailed him to please change his Paypal profile to specify the correct/alternate address. Well, that was a couple of days ago and I have yet to hear back from him. Anyway, I won't ever consider that again. Thanks guys
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