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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Toss is still an issue. I think I got a bit more racquet acceleration before contact. Swing path is a bit better, I think. I guess not much to add until I actually fix the darn toss.
2 things:

From the front view, your right leg was still kicking forward after contact indicating that you are falling back because your toss is too far back. But, from the back view, there were a few serves where your right leg kicked back indicating that you tossed out into the court better and your weight moved forward into contact.

From the back view it's also easier to see that you are not getting a full racquet drop. Your swing path stops when your hand is behind your head, moves to the left and then you have a semi sidearm swing to the ball. The racquet head never falls much below your head. By comparison, it should drop down to your butt. So, try to be aware of letting the racquet fall straight down behind your head.
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