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Default Overhitting: What I learned from watching the pros at the US Open

I just got back into tennis a few weeks ago. 3.5
When I am "on", I have a strong forehand and backhand.
I can look impressive.

The first week, I played a 25 year old and lost. 6-4 6-2
Why? B/c I was trying to kill it and made tons of unforced errors.
I was trying to crush winners all the time. One speed. 100%.
Like when you only rally for years on end, and never play sets.
Blasting return of serves sometimes into the fence!

He kept it in play, and let me make all the mistakes. Noted.

This week, I watched the pros.
They know when to NOT go for it.
I also forgot how useful the slice is.
This is another reason rallying ruins your game.
You never slice when rallying.
You will never win if you keep smashing the ball out, no matter how "pro" you look.

So, I dialed it back in a huge way today.
I popped the serves back. Or sliced them back.
I reduced my unforced errors by a factor of "shitload".
I sliced back many groundstrokes that were not in the sweet spot.
I waited to unload when the ball was in my sweet spot.

This time, I won.
6-1 6-4
He was ****ed.

This was a huge step forward in my game.
There is a balance in playing too aggressively and playing like a pusssy.
Today, I erred on the latter, and will find the right balance.
But, if you are keeping score and want to win, you need to keep it in play,
and not try to hit winners on low percentage shots.

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