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Originally Posted by kiki View Post

he is overrated, a kind of more modern Nusslein.Talented, yes, but not in hte big men leagues.But lets not start again with that...

I adressed a repply to PC1, when I intended to adress myself to about the popular joke of Pockets Rosewall, that was so hot on the old pro tour...
Thanks, kiki: You brought me to laugh again: Your reduction of Nüsslein's status is really a funny joke. Even Charlie Chaplin (whom I admire) could not have make such a good joke!

And now you even begin to belittle the very underrated Pancho Segura. A journeyman could not have won three majors and could not have got a matchpoint against champion Rosewall at Wembley when being 41.

And believe me, Rosewall was really strong in 1962!

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