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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
Black is the way forward, looks sexy as

Just in time to save your lot from a relegation scrap then, good business if true which I'd wager it isn't
It does look good, all colours do I think. It's a shame we got rid of the black ones, the white ball against the black net was nice!

Yeah i'm sure it's not true either. It's all over South America, that's where the story came from. Would be great to have him but let's be honest, we don't give our forwards alot to go on. Torres had 1 half chance yesterday, that was it. Maybe Falcao would of scored it, but the chances need to be there. If I were him i'd be happy living off the chances Atletico are creating for him at the moment! The huge wages would be nice, but he seems like he loves scoring.
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