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Originally Posted by Metalica View Post
That sounds exactly like me so perhaps I should do as you say. I'm under the impression that if you play too timidly in sets, you would never improve. I suppose I'll still go for it in practice but be more patient in matches.
As a teen, I used to play too timidly.
Hit hard during warm up, then once we kept score, I backed off big time.
I'd start tapping it back, not wanting to make an error.

However, years later, I was on the other extreme. All I did was rally, so I learned to go for it all the time. I was also trying NOT to be too timid, b/c I wanted to get BETTER.

However, the moral here is, do not be on either extreme. Pros don't hit like wimps, yet they do not smash the crap out of the ball on every shot either. There is a middle road that will maximize your points.

Like I said, today I backed down, and I killed him.
The score speaks for itself.

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