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i can't remember ever seeing a pro wearing khakis . . . so i don't know what james was doing out there. i was trying to figure out what line he was wearing. at a certain point, i thought it was taylormade golf clothes. but since he was getting his *ss whipped, i figured there was no point to kicking a man while he was down, so i didn't mention it in the match thread.

as far as this thread is concerned . . . milos' shirt was horrific. i saw a couple of other guys wear it this week . . . i think gasquet even had it on. no matter, it's absolutely frightening.

i'm all for retro and all . . . but the shirt was not cute. i'm not sure why people are calling it retro, anyway. just cos it's orange??
"If you're scared of being hit by a tennis ball, then don't play tennis, especially doubles." - BreakPoint
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