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Jeez, talk about saying the right things for the cameras.

Forced humbleness in the form of reverse psychology to reinforce the notion that he is the greatest ever. Nice work.

Q. Both McEnroe and Agassi said in the World Team Tennis match this July that tennis right now at the top, menís tennis is the toughest ever. Do you think you four guys are the toughest maybe in history in terms of competing against each other and winning events?

ROGER FEDERER: Iíd say no, but I donít know. Just because you look back maybe 15 years, then you have Sampras, Edberg, Becker, and Agassi, I donít know who else. Those guys werenít good or what? Do you know what I mean?

You look back, further back, 20 years, and you have the Connors and the Lendls. Those werenít good either? I mean, I donít know. So for me I think thatís respectful. Itís just different times and definitely more athletic, thereís no doubt about that. But then again we donít play doubles. We donít play mixed. Maybe we play less matches today because itís more taxing, but we do play less best‑of‑five set tennis than they used to play. You canít compare really.

but we have somewhat of a golden era right now. I feel that truly. Itís nice to see Andy making his move at the Olympics, nice to see Novak having an absolutely ridiculous year last year, and then Rafa and myself still being around. Itís definitely good times. Past that you still have great champions as well. Itís very interesting at the top right now, and the depth I think has never been greater than right now. Thereís no doubt about that.

But then best ever? The four of us? Thatís a really difficult call.

He has respect too much.
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